The term compasswallah is 19th century colonial slang for British surveyors

roaming the Indian countryside with telescopes and sextants. It is also the
assumed identity of Rohit Gupta, an artist, writer and historian of mathematics
and science. Gupta’s corpus of work from 2000-2013 includes a published
collection of science-fiction, comics, a variety of essays, innovations in new
media art and technology, lectures and pedagogical workshops. More
about Compasswallah and his activities can be found on his blogs
Kali & the Kaleidoscope and Compasswallah: Oriental Scientific Curios Estd. 2012.
Twitter handle: @fadesingh 

Gitanjali Dang
A curator, writer, researcher and shapeshifter based out Bombay, in 2012 Gitanjali
founded the itinerant arts lab Khanabadosh. Her criticism and articles  have appeared
in leading local and international publications including Nafas Art Magazine, Art
The Times of India, Frieze and  Art-Agenda. She has lectured and presented

papers at Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland and Jawaharlal Nehru University  (JNU),
Delhi, among others. Since January 2014, she is a research associate at Zurich
University of  the Arts’ Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR).

Javed Iqbal
A photographer and journalist Javed has reported on tribal issues in Chhattisgarh,

Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. He has also extensively documented
housing struggles in Bombay. More about Javed’s work can be found on his
blog moonchasing. Twitter handle: @DynamiteTheMoon  

Mona Gandhi
Is absent. She questions self image and in the process all images.

Ratna Gupta
Having completed her Bachelor of Arts at St Xavier’s College, Bombay, 2000, Ratna

studied graphic design at Wigan and Leigh College, Bombay, 2001. She
followed this with a Bachelor in Book Arts and Crafts, from the London College
of Printing, The London Institute, 2005. She unfortunately lives and works out of Bombay.